Spy Car

Product Code:  7412
Price:  £109.95

The ultimate RC Car! Battle against one another, spy with the onboard camera and microphone, view what's around the corner with the LCD screen and zoom about like nothing else!

This is unique RC Car that combines all the coolest features of a RC car, a spy cam and a recording device into one unit! And as a fantastic additional feature – you can battle them if you have 2 or more!

You can spy on your friends, family and hear and watch all the action through the wireless built in camera and microphone – the images and sound get sent to the handset for you to watch on the LCD screen and provided headphones. You can plug the handset into your TV or camcorder to record everything as well!

To Battle you'll need 2 cars ( up to 3 players Max). Combat in Spy vs. Spy stealth mode or have an outright battle! The colour LCD screen has a built in crosshair scope for additional accuracy. Each car has four sensors, and when hit the car freezes for up to 20 seconds – come up with your own rules for play. We played it like this: get hit once – you're damaged, twice you're almost dead, 3 times and you're out!


Built in wireless video camera (2.4GHz)
2.36” colour TFT LCD display screen on the controller
On board wireless microphone
Earphone Jack in controller for listening to Microphone
Video and audio output jacks on the controller allows for connections to TV/video cameras via RCA cables (cables not included)
2 ultra-bright white headlights (turned on/off by the controller)
Control distance – 30 meters
1 frequency (27 MHz)
3 channels switch allows up to 3 people to play together for battle mode
Infra-red technology ‘shoots' the other car in battle mode
4 sensors on the RC car detect Infra-red ‘shot'
RC car has full manoeuvrability – forward, back, left, right
Requires 8 x AA batteries for the controller (not included)
Car size: 40cm x 23cm x 16cm (Excluding antenna)
Controller size: 18cm x 15cm x 5cm (Excluding antenna)

RC Spy Car
9 volt battery pack for RC car
Adaptor for charging the 9 volt battery

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