Petrol Powered XRC2 Buggy

Product Code:  5879
Price:  289.00

Sick of buying endless batteries for your RC car? Run this amazing 1:5 scale RC Petrol Powered Buggy on fuel from your local gas station!

This amazing, huge remote control buggy can take on almost anything you throw at it (this is an expression please do not throw things at it!). Honestly though, this buggy is amazing! Arriving to you fully assembled, with an incredibly powerful pull start 23cc engine this buggy just zooms along like nothing else we've seen.

And with a durable aluminium chassis, fully adjustable oil-filled shocks, and sealed electronics box it can take on some pretty extreme challenges and come out with flying colours oh speaking of which you can get it in 3 colours and all sets come with a set of stickers for your own customization! How cool is that?

Other features include it having heavy duty parts (many metal), differential with built-in gear, fully adjustable oil-filled shocks, a vented disc brake system, a feature packed controller, and a 18kg/cm heavy duty servo whew!

Until now RC cars that run on petrol have been very expensive if you wanted a model including all equipment and electronics. We are pleased to say that XRC RC Petrol Powered Buggy has now changed this!

Unlike nitro RC cars these petrol ones run on a mix of normal unleaded petrol and 2 stroke oil. Both of these are available from any petrol station which makes them more practical and cheaper to run than a nitro model. Mixing the petrol is very easy as included in the package is a mixing bottle. You simply pour in some unleaded petrol up to the marker on the bottle and then top up to the second marker with the 2 stroke oil. This oil is usually found inside petrol stations with the other oils.


The buggy is available in red, the yellow and blue are currently sold out and will be available mid July (please check back then).

1) Fully assembled
2) Powerful pull start 23cc engine
3) Heavy duty parts (many metal)
4) Differential with built-in gear
5) Fully adjustable oil-filled shocks
6) Vented disc brake system
7) Feature packed CE/ROHS approved controller
8) 18kg/cm heavy duty servo
9) Sealed electronics box for use on wet days
10) Aluminium chassis


Scale: 1/5
D/W: Rear 2WD system, differential with built-in gears
Brakes: Rear New Twin Disc
Radius of gyration: 200m
Engine: Single cylinder, two stroke, air-cooled, 23cc
Torque: 1.7N.m/12000rpm
Power: 1.5kw/12000rpm
Fuel: Petrol / engine oil (25:1)
Fuel tank capacity: 0.52L
Start method: pull start
Protective bumper
18kg servo
Gear protection
Muffler pipe
Size:LxWxH: 80cm x 46cm x 28.5cm
Tire (F): 12cm X 8.5cm
Tire (R): 17cm X 8cm
Wheelbase (F/R): 5.2cm
Tread: 3.4cm(F) / 3.7cm(R)

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