Mini Forklift Truck

Product Code:  2544
Price:  19.95

Seeing as though we have stuff just for boys on here, it's fair enough for us to use a bit of gender stereotyping every now and then! So guys, this one is just for you and your testosterone!!

This Mini Forklift is so cool it's more fun than the real thing ? really! We promise you can kill hours at work just shifting stuff around your desk with this Mini Forklift. It goes forward and reverse, with full R/C control over the lift and lower of the forks ? including top-tilt and anti-tipping.

The Mini Radio Control Forklift also comes with mini road cones so you can test out the agility of your vehicle, and a pallet and crate for carrying things around. The life-like features will make you think you're a real-life forklift driver and the remote has funky little red lights for full effect. The only thing it's lacking are the noises?but we're pretty sure you can make do there!


-forward and reverse

-Full fork control including top tilt

-2 red lights on transmitter

-Very small turn radius

-1 pallet

-1 crate

-4 cones

-Size: 32cm x 18cm x 10cm

Requires 4 AAA and 1 x 9V batteries (please note Duracell and energizer batteries are not suitable for this product).

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