Mega Mosquito

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UK First! This Mega Mosquito is a must have for all RC fanatics...

Yes this one will annoy your family, the remote control Flying Mosquito is a must have for all connoisseurs of anything that flies. We have tried this out in the office and it is so easy, your Gran could fly it. We're having a swarm delivered so don't hang about before they are swatted by eager buyers get one quick. You can even (after a bit of practice) fly this in the dark and frighten the hell out of some one coming out of the loo; with it's bright green eye's and manoeuvrability they will never catch it.

Read the spec below, we reckon one go and you will be bitten by the bug!

Realistic insect appearance with detailed three channel flight capabilities.

The RC Flying Mosquito is a three directional remote control flying insect with amazing green LED lights, which give it the alien effect. Perfect for indoor flights and flying outdoors in calm conditions.

The Flying Mosquito will go up/down, forward/back, left/right with perfect stability and control. It is one of the most accurate flying machines on the market today. It has a fully proportionate control system, so you can manoeuvre exactly how you want!

The unit comes with an AC adaptor that plugs intothe RC Flying Mosquito and a 45 minute charge will give over 10 minutes of sensational flight time.

·RC Flying Mosquito with Green LED Light
·Three channel RC controls system
·27 MHz Frequency
·Proportionate system give precise control
·Indoor and outdoor flight
·AC Adaptor with rechargeable battery
·9V Battery included

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